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Most Ryson Spirals are shipped in one piece pre-assembled and pre-tested, thereby drastically reducing the time and cost of installation. Certain spirals will for shipping purposes be delivered with some components detached. They include spirals equipped with extended in-feed and out-feed tangents or spirals with a diameter larger than 8 feet. Consult the manual supplied with your spiral for more information.

aframeAll spirals are shipped in an A-frame equipped with casters. This facilitates easy unloading and transfer to the installation area. Two reinforced fork pockets are provided in the center tube at the bottom end of each spiral. These pockets are clearly marked and will safely facilitate horizontal forklift handling. The top end of the center tube is used for rigging when standing up the spirals.

Watch our instructional video below of how to unload a spiral conveyor. Follow this link to see instructions on how to stand a spiral up.

Watch a video that shows how to unload a Ryson Spiral.


Watch a video that shows the standing up of Ryson Spiral Conveyors.



Download the Ryson Spiral Installation Guide

Descargar la Guia de Instalación para la Espiral Ryson


Spiral Start-up Check List

integration_photosAll Ryson Spiral conveyors are shop tested prior to shipment, but depend on proper integration with the overall conveyor system for reliable operation and long life. Integration instructions are provided in the operations manual and include the following:

  • Check to make sure that all integration instructions are implemented.
  • Check the chain-tensioner for the proper chain tension adjustments. Remove the red chain shortening tool (shipping nut) if installed. Save tool for future use.
  • Check that all side guides are in place and adjusted correctly.
  • Set the adjustable transition rollers and/or transition plates. Check height adjustments to assure smooth product flow over transitions.
  • Check gear motor for oil level and breather plug. Remove vent shipping grommet IF installed.
  • BUMP motor and check spiral direction. Run spiral at slow speed at initial startup and check for any parts that may have come loose during shipment
  • Check proximity sensors for power and function.
  • Check VFD ramp-up. The acceleration parameter should be 3 to 5 seconds depending on spiral height.
  • Check VFD ramp-down. The deceleration parameter should be a minimum of 3 seconds.
  • Run test product and set overload device as necessary with a fully loaded spiral.
  • Check speed matching. The In-feed, spiral and out-feed conveyors must run at the same speed.

Download the Recommended Preventative Maintenance Program

Download the SEW AC brake wiring schematic
Download the SEW DC brake wiring schematic
Download the SEW Brake Coil Resistances

For more details relating to proper integration, refer to the operating manual or contact our service department for a copy of the integration instructions.
The Ryson service department is always available to assist with installation and service questions. Feel free to call 757.898.1530 or e-mail service@ryson.com with questions.

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