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Parts and Service

Parts and Service: Quality and Service Come First at Ryson.

Our products are designed for low maintenance and long life.

Parts and Service: Our full inventory of spare parts and professional staff enables us to provide the high level of service our customers have come to expect from Ryson.

The Ryson service Department is always available to assist with installation and service questions. While our products require very little maintenance, it is important that they are maintained correctly. Ryson offers factory or on site maintenance training designed to maximize the benefits of our products.

Ryson is committed to customer training.

Ryson PMMI Certified TrainersRyson makes customer service a top priority. So we are very proud to announce that our Service Manager Doug Glass is a PMMI Certified Trainer. This allows us to properly train your staff about Ryson Vertical Conveying Products. Proper integration and preventative maintenance greatly prolongs the life of our products and substantially reduces the cost of ownership. Download the Ryson Recommended Preventative Maintenance Program PDF.
The PMMI Certified Trainer Program teaches the skills needed to provide quality training to improve equipment reliability, employee safety and line efficiency. This proven train-the-trainer program is designed for both internal trainers at end user companies as well as service technicians and trainers at PMMI member companies. PMMI Certified Trainers are equipped with the tools and skills needed to increase productivity and efficiency in your operations through a highly interactive and performance-based training curriculum that emphasizes practical learning and problem-solving.

Only high quality components are used throughout.

All bearings are lubricated for life. The slats and carriers need no maintenance and can easily be replaced as single components without the use of special tools. The chain is of heavy duty nickel plated construction, and needs infrequent lubrication. The chain will stretch over time and needs to be shortened accordingly. The first shortening normally takes place after the first 200 hours of operation. The chain must be in tension at all times. A special chain shortening section is provided to facilitate easy and fast shortening. (download chain shortening procedure) All Ryson spirals are equipped with an automatic chain tensioning device where a proximity sensor is sensing the correct operating position of the device. For more maintenance instruction, refer to the manual delivered with the equipment. The manuals are available in both a printed and electronic format.

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Service Manual Shorten Chain

Click here to download PDF a guide to Shorten a Ryson Spiral Chain.

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Preventative Maintenance Sheet


Click here to download PDF Recommended Preventative Maintenance Program.

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Parts and Service - Break Wiring

Download the SEW AC brake wiring schematic.

Download the SEW DC brake wiring shcematic.
Download the SEW Brake Coil Resistances.


The Ryson Spiral require little maintenance. The bearings are lubricated for life and the chain requires infrequent lubrication. The chain will stretch during operation and needs to be shortened occasionally.

Parts and Service - PM Advice

Recommended Preventative Maintenance Program Parts and Service


Inspect chain and replace any damaged or missing parts. Do not run the spiral with missing parts.


  1. Check the chain tension. Shorten the chain when needed. The chain may have to be shortened within the first 200 hours of operation (see the chain shortening instructions in the manual).
    • The chain tension bar should operate at an angle between 0º and 6º. The chain needs to be shortened when the tension bar is at or below 0º (horizontal).
    • Spirals with spring tensioner – Check the spring compression. The compressed spring should measure from 5 – 61/2 inches. The tensioner flag should operate between the red and the green markers.
    • Spirals with air operated tensioner – Check the tensioner air pressure. For the forward direction (up) the pressure should be set at 10 to 15 PSI and the reverse direction (down), at 15 to 20 PSI.
  2. Check the transition rollers and holders. All rollers should turn freely and be adjusted to the correct height for smooth transitions. All hardware should be tight.
  3. Check speed matching. The in-feed, spiral and out-feed conveyors must be running at the same speed.
  4. Check the guide rails for proper position. All hardware should be tight.


  1. Check the chain tensioner and safety circuit for functionality. Fault out the slack chain proximity sensor. The spiral and the in-feed conveyors should stop immediately and not automatically restart.
  2. Check the overload protection device and safety circuit for functionality. Fault out the overload proximity sensor. The spiral and the in-feed conveyors should stop immediately and not automatically restart.
  3. Check the out-feed jam sensor for functionality. Loads should not back up into a running spiral. The spiral and the in-feed conveyors should stop immediately.


Check the chain and sprockets for wear and lubrication. Apply lubricant only when required, and apply sparingly to prevent dripping and buildup. Do not lubricate plastic parts. We recommend the use of a spray application (see photo) or a brush on method.

Every 2 years:

Change oil in the motor gearbox.

Please refer to the maintenance manual for more details. The Ryson Parts and Service Department is always available to assist with installation and service questions. Feel free to call 757.898.1530 or e-mail service@ryson.com with questions.

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